Locke meets Terra when she is unconscience in the cave at Narshe after trying to escape from the guards. Locke only knows her as the witch that works with the Empire, but according to a friend from Narshe, she is an important alley that could change the way of the war against the Empire. This doesn't cause Locke to run away. When he learns that she has no memory, he makes a promise to always stay by her side. This includes even when her Esper side takes over and she destroys everything in her path.

Most people refer Locke and Terra's friendship as a relationship due to how he protects her and keeps her near. Especially when he has to invade South Figaro after the Empire takes over, Locke is unsure about leaving Terra in Edgar's protection. It is is strong will that he can trust the king that he decides on leaving her with him, even if Locke does give her the warning.

Locke Cole