Terra is completely different than any other human. She was born with a special gift, the gift of magic. Her basic power is Fire, but over time she is able to learn different spells and abilities. Her esper side is able to enhance her powers making her even stronger.

MP Cost
Lvl Learned
Cure Restores HP. 5 1
Fire Attacks with fire. 4 3
Poisona Removes poison status from the target. 3 6
Drain Absorbs HP from the target. 15 12
Raise Revives a KO'd target. 30 18
Fira Attacks with fire. 20 22
Cura Restores HP. 25 33
Dispel Removes all magical effects on the target. 25 37
Firaga Attacks with fire. 51 43
Arise Revives and fully restores the HP of a KO'd target. 60 49
Holy Attacks with holy energy. 40 57
Break Inflicts petrification on the target. 25 68
Graviga Reduces the target's HP by 3/4. 48 75
Meltdown Envelops all enemies and allies in ultra-hot flame. 85 86
Ultima Attacks all enemies with powerful, lost magic. 80 99

Terra's Ability: Magic