The End

Her Melody is dedicated to Terra Branford's theme song from Final Fantasy VI. The song is worked into the four songs through the game: Opening Theme, Metamorphosis, Save Them!, and Ending Theme. The theme also plays on the overworld map in the World of Balance. Lastly, the song is also associated wit the song "Awakening" at both times when she arrives at Arvis' house and when she is found with the children in Mobliz. Over all, my favorite time the song is used is during the overworld map and during Awakening. Awakening helps Terra come to experience a personal acknowledgment of who she is, what she can, and what she needs to do. This is where the title "Her Melody" came from. It is about her, and her alone on what she does.

This is layout 3 for Her Melody. The image came from Final Fantasy Wikia while the background image was from Spiritsighs-Stock. This is my second layout to use CSS Grid and a responsive navigation. There is also no name for this layout.

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