Last Ray of Hope has been around for quite a bit, and feel really bad that I left it in such bad shape before finally deciding to work on it. The current layout features an image of Terra from the Full Motion Video that can be seen on the PlayStation 1 version of Final Fantasy VI. My idea for this layout was for it to be simple and easy to navigate but different from what I usually do. As with all my layouts, there is no name and this is actually version 3 for this site. All information has been rewritten by me and any screencaps of the game were done by me, also. I do not claim any rights to Final Fantasy VI. I am just a fan of a character of the game and made this site to show my dedication.

If you have any questions or comments, or if you would like to affiliate or link exchange, feel free to contact me somehow. I am open to affiliating with any Final Fantasy VI site. Below are the sites that have decided to affiliate with me. Please take a chance to visit their sites for I am sure they are much better than mine.

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