The Returners is a resistance group within Final Fantasy VI who are against the Gestahlian Empire. Majority of the main players are members of this group. When Terra starts out on her journey with Edgar and Locke, she learns that the old man in Narshe that saved her was a member too. After Terra, Edgar, and Locke escape Figaro Castle, they travel to the Returner's Hideout where she meets the leader of the Returners: Banon. He tries to convince her to join the Returners, that joining will give people hope. While it is up to the player to decide if Terra agrees to join or not, the story remains the same as she is forced to flee with the Returners. However, depending on what she says to Banon will give her a different relic to use.

The Returners are key point for Terra for these are the people she becomes friends with. These are the people that she travels with and learns on what their main purpose is. Without the Returners, Terra would have never found out how wrong the Gestahlian Empire was and who she was exactly. She would never received the freedom she had or learn what the emotion love was. The Returners were like family for her that was always at her side.

The Returners